Postnatal plastic surgery  

Women are exposed to many physical and psychological changes during pregnancy and childbirth due to the hormonal changes that occur in addition to fatigue and stress resulting from pregnancy, as well as the psychological impact of weight gain and change body shape, but after birth will enter women in the stage of depression resulting from imbalance Due to lack of sleep enough and the appearance of dermal dermatitis in the abdomen, other than the problems experienced in breastfeeding period, and because our goal is to achieve happiness and beauty for women, we will know in this article on cosmetic operations that may be subject to women after the passage of joy Birth until it regains its grace and feminine beauty.

Postnatal plastic surgery
Postpartum embolism is a series of surgical or non-surgical procedures that can be performed according to the problem of the woman. The natural birth affects the vagina in terms of its wideness or injury to many ruptures and wounds, which will require the possibility of cosmetic vaginal surgery, but caesarean section leave scarring The large part of the incision made by the doctor to remove the child, which requires a process of cosmetic conceal the effects as well as the muscles of the abdomen is in a state of stretch and sagging, which will require the possibility of resorting to tummy tuck.

Who are the candidates for postnatal beauties?
Any woman who has completed pregnancy and childbirth and has no intention of giving birth again can resort to postnatal plastic surgery.

Any woman who is able to lose weight after birth can resort to postnatal plastic surgery because in this case she will achieve much better results.

Any cesarean woman may resort to postnatal plastic surgery, such as post-natal post-natal prostheses, to rid the abdomen of the ugly scars of birth and make them less prominent, more beautiful, and trying.

Any woman who gave birth to a large number of children or gave birth to dual or triple twins may resort to postnatal gynecomastia because she is exposed to the abdominal muscles and is unable to return to normal after birth.

What is the right time to perform postnatal operations?
Postpartum beauties may be performed for at least 3 months so that the abdominal skin has taken its normal and final position after cesarean delivery, but it is required that breastfeeding should not be normal. In the case of breastfeeding, wait until weaning the child.

Pre-post-natal procedures
Before undergoing postnatal embalming, several factors must be taken into account: the mother finishes breast feeding for at least 3 months.

That there is no intention of giving birth again to women so as not to spoil the results of their operations.

The doctor will discuss the mother’s expectations of the desired results and inform her of all the details and procedures necessary according to her condition.

After the agreement, the doctor, based on what he has reached with the mother, determine the range of operations that will be needed and the places where each operation will be used and focus on places more than others.

Types of postnatal beauties

Liposuction and skin tightening
The process of liposuction and tightening of the skin list of post-natal beauties and this process in three stages The first stage is the choice of technology to melt fat and remove away from the skin and the second stage is based on muscle tension The third stage is to tighten the skin slack after lifting muscles to place.

After losing the weight of the mother may remain stubborn fatty blocks that the doctor is removed and removed completely because it is an obstacle will stand in his way while trying to tighten the skin properly and appropriate over the muscles, which means that the process of suction is not a way to lose weight, but lose weight before and then submit to After the doctor finishes liposuction until he begins tummy tuck, a process that takes several hours due to the size of the abdomen, the amount of skin and the flaccid muscles that need to be pulled, the doctor begins to tighten the muscles first because it is useless to tighten the skin over flaccid muscles. Shehaha then Yizi The doctor then begins to tighten the skin completely until it is smooth and flat above the muscles.

Breast Implants

Breast implants are the second most important part of mothers when they undergo postnatal beautification. Breastfeeding and hormonal changes lead to laxity and slackness of the breast. This affects the aesthetic shape and general appearance of the breast. To the breast during the operation, such as silicone to help restore the shape and density and choose the mother shape and size you want then add the doctor to the breast and circulates around him so that the skin and muscles fit with the lining and closes a simple non-visible.

The process of narrowing the vagina after birth
Not all women may resort to narrowing the vagina for the aesthetic purpose only and to repair the natural birth defects of the vaginal muscles. However, there are other therapeutic reasons that may lead women to this type of operation such as a defect in the process of exit due to the slipping of the back wall of the vagina, making the large intestine In the wrong position.

Difficulty urinating due to sagging of the front wall of the vagina, bladder drop and urine retention due to sagging.

There are many natural ways to narrow the vagina, including exercise and exercise, as the muscles responsible for contractions of the vagina are connected with the muscles of the pelvis and the surrounding area.

It is possible to perform the process of narrowing the vagina using the laser where it focuses on the thermal heating of the inner layers of vaginal tissues to induce collagen and Elastine contraction and regeneration of these proteins in the long term.