Cosmetic surgery

How is the operation of abdominal liposuction performed?

This plastic surgery is performed where the patient is undergo local anesthesia and in certain special cases the patient is undergo general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon Dr. Mohamed Emad El Din, Consultant of plastic surgery and texture coordination, determines the type of the anesthesia, as well as the amount of fat that is suctioned during abdominal liposuction.

The abdominal liposuction operation takes 1 to 2 hours. In some cases, It can last up to 3 or 4 hours if the person has too much obesity.

Side effects of abdominal liposuction

It is possible that some side effects appear after the operation, the most important of which is likely to be injured after the operation with bruises and this if you take an aspirin or vitamin E or you have bleeding tendency.

You may also feel as if you lose sensation of your abdomen after abdominal liposuction. This numbness completely disappears after some time. It is also possible for the patient to feel after the operation of abdominal liposuction with some inflammation that quickly disappears by antibiotics. It is also possible to feel with irregular skin surface after abdominal liposuction, which disappears after one week of the operation.

Do not get upset if you find some fluids coming out of the area or openings of the cannula after the operation of abdominal liposuction and this disappears after a week at most of the operation.

What is the period of recovery after abdominal abdominoplasty

After the operation of abdominal liposuction, you should take care of your health in a healthy manner free from the wrong eating habits. After the operation of abdominal liposuction, you think that you get rid of all the fat and your role in caring for that area has been finished, but this is a completely false belief.

The next day of the abdominal liposuction operation, it is recommended by the plastic surgeon to move and lightly walk and you should increase your activity gradually during the next two weeks after the operation of abdominal liposuction or any operation of fat suction from any part of the body.

If your work is in office and does not require a physical effort, it is possible to practice your work in a normal way after only a week from the date of the operation, after that, the final results of abdominal liposuction appear.

What is the operation of Gastric toning

the operation of Gastric toning mainly depends on that point so that the size of the stomach is reduced by removing part of it about 70-80% of its size leaving a tubular corridor like a banana or a small part like a small bowl, and this operation is irreversible, so you can’t get the removed part again.

In this way the feeling of satiety will become very easy once you eat, thus reducing the amount of food you eat, this helps you to lose weight easily.

the operation of Gastric toning as one of the operations of obesity, divided into several types depending on the health status of the person, weight loss and desire in the form of the final body.

In some operations, the upper part of the stomach is cut and then the small intestine is cut and linked to the stomach, thus reducing the amount of food that reaches the stomach by entering undigested food into the small intestine immediately after eating, where it is not absorbed and exits from the body while the amount of absorbed food in the stomach decreases.

In another type. You can also ligate the stomach by placing a ligament around the upper part of it to reduce its size and keep another part smaller than normal, which determines the amount of food that you can absorb, because when the food naturally increase the stomach distends. After this ligation, the stomach can’t extend, and it feels fullness.

In addition, when food starts to enter slowly, you will feel full.

How is the operation of Gastric toning performed?

This operation usually takes several hours depending on the type and health condition of the patient. The operation has two types. The first type is a surgical incision in the abdomen, then the stomach is sealed, and the incision is closed. This method isn’t preferred by women, as it leaves a scar over time.

The other type is performed by creation of very small incisions in the abdomen and then a surgical microscope is inserted. After the operation, these incisions are closed as a small ordinary incisions. So, it is preferred more than the first type in terms of aesthetics and the speed of recovery.

The surgeon who always perform this operation use a general anesthia, but also it is a priority of the surgeon to use of the medical telescope, but in certain cases only where the surgeon want to reach the tissues of the stomach and cut the part to be cut and then close the rest.

Pre-operative measures

Preparing for the operation of stomach toning needs some care because it is necessary to be prepared psychologically and get attention that the operation will change the routine of your daily life, and your eating habits, you have to exercise in various kinds, not to feel that you are obligated, you should avoid foods saturated with fats and Sugars, replace them with vitamins and beneficial proteins, introduce water in a big amount during your day, so that your body is not exposed to dryness. The routine one day before the operation that you must completely stop eating heavy foods, you should focus on beverages, be careful that you must enter the operation with empty stomach.

Post-operative measures

It is normal to have a mild pain at the site of the operation, but it quickly disappears by sedative medications. Any physical exertion should be avoided. If your work requires an effort, the doctor advises you to rest at home after the operation.

In the first meal after the operation, you will notice the obvious difference in fast satiety and low amounts of food, unlike before the operation.

In the first month following the operation, the plastic surgeon will put you a list of foods allowed and prohibited to get the desired results of the operation

Avoid filling your stomach with food, as any excess food you will vomit it immediately, or the stomach will expand and your operation will become useless because it is the basis of this operation is not to stretch the stomach.

Some risks of stomach toning operation

One of the most common complications after the process of stomach toning is that the body will feel a weak absorption, as Most of these operations are performed to weaken the absorption to reduce the amount of substances entering the body and prevent the storage, which is great concerning the fat, but a big problem when the body begins to suffer from weak absorption of minerals, vitamins and essentials in the food, whose deficiency will affect its vital functions.

In addition, it is possible the wound may be contaminated or infected. The wound must be purged continuously until it completely heals.

 Expected results after the stomach toning operation

With the help of a doctor, the development of a healthy balanced diet, and a strict plan, you can lose your weight in a significant amount in a short time and overcome the problems of trampling after weight loss through continuous exercise.

What is the stomach ballooning operation?

Is a process far from surgery, performed to lose several kilograms of extra weight, which does not exceed 40 kg, the idea of ​​the stomach balloon process is to reduce the stomach area, thus reducing the amount of food in the stomach, because the balloon fills the part of the stomach and The remaining space for eating becomes  a very small space, so you will feel full with less food, the balloon is filled with saline solution and blue color, where, God forbid, if a hole occurred in the balloon,  the alarm starts with blue color coming out with the urine and then the balloon is removed immediately by the plastic surgeon.

The balloon is left in the stomach for approximately 6 to 9 months, after which the balloon is taken out. During that period, the patient has lost a good amount of fat and excess weight. The ballooning process takes about a quarter to half of an hour with a local anesthesia.

How is the stomach ballooning process performed?

Firstly, anesthesia

The stomach ballooning is performed undergoing a hemodial anesthesia in addition to sedative to help the patient to relax and also to avoid any contractions may occur to the patient during the operation when the telescope is inserted.

Secondly, insertion of the balloon

The balloon is inserted by a telescope through the mouth and it is shrunk in the form of a small capsule

Thirdly, filling the balloon

The balloon is filled with a sterile and very safe saline catheter as well as a blue dye. This dye works as a first warning sign in case of a balloon hole. This is in relatively poor and potentially harmful types, but in the Cheng Mai Center, We use an authorized US type from the World Health Organization.

Expected results after gastric ballooning operation

The ballooning operation is one of the most popular operations in the field of ​​cosmetic surgeries in general and cosmetic surgery in Egypt in particular. It is very suitable for people with general obesity in different parts of the body. The stomach ballooning operation can give them amazing results in only 6 months, the balloon-based doctor’s instructions to follow a good diet and health system can maintain the results of the process for life.

Do not expect the results of the stomach ballooning operation to appear immediately afterwards, but you should continue in a balanced health system over the months following the operation, after which the balloon is extracted using a telescope dedicated only to the digestive system.

Advantages of stomach ballooning operation

Non-surgical operation that doesn’t need a medical wound or stitching after the operation.

Operation costs are lower than other weight loss operations.

Easy to insert and remove the balloon from the stomach without any noticeable pain.

The percentage of potential complications is very small compared with liposuction and others.

Some side effects of the stomach balloon

Vomiting for few seconds after the operation because the stomach feels like there is a foreign body inside it.

Feeling slight pain in the stomach within two days of the balloon operation, and it can be overcome with some painkillers.

Feelings of nausea, and this symptom can be eliminated by using some medical drugs prescribed by the balloon-based doctor.

 Some medical tips before and after ballooning operation

Perform all the rays and investigations requested by the surgeon in charge of the operation, before you run the balloon, to make sure you are ready to receive the balloon.

The doctor will ask you to make a gastroscope to make sure your stomach is ready to receive the balloon

It is necessary to fast before the operation for hours determined by the doctor based on the ballooning operation

You should be undergo a diet determined by your doctor to reach the desired results of your stomach ballooning operation.

As well as drinking water in a different way and in large quantities before and after the meals.