Breast Reconstruction  

Reconstruction of breast after mastectomy in the breast cancer process

How difficult it is for women to have a mastectomy, but after the emergence of breast reconstruction can restore your health and attractive appearance, and you can restore your femininity and confidence and look more beautiful than before.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast Reconstruction Surgery is a process designed to restore the appearance of the breast, and its appearance aesthetically after tumors and mastectomy, to change from its external appearance and appearance.

How is breast reconstruction done?

In this process, blood tissue is taken from the abdominal or back area, or silicone injection, and the use of silicon is most prevalent, because it resembles the natural breast texture.

Pre-breast reconstruction

Before the procedure, a pre-appointment with the doctor is performed to determine the type of procedure, either tissue or silicone grafts, as desired by the patient.
A number of tests are performed for the patient, namely x-ray procedure on the breast, blood chemistry and total blood count.
Precautions when breast reconstruction is performed

This procedure is performed only when treatment is complete for tumors.
It is completely forbidden to drink alcohol before two days of operation.
Fasting fully for 8 hours before the operation.
Stop taking medications before surgery.
Perform breast reconstruction

The process takes an amount of time for each type of time to be different from the silicon time.
The patient takes a type of antibiotics to prevent infection during the procedure.
The surgical incision is only determined by the type of operation if it is tissue or silicon grafting.
Perform breast reconstruction by weaving

When the tissue is grafted, a section is made in the area where the tissue is taken. The tissue is shifted to the breast, followed by a incision at the bottom of the chest area, then the tissue is placed and the nipple and halo position adjusted.

Perform breast reconstruction with silicone

It is possible to open a place in the circumference of the halo or nipple, or in the skin fold under the breast, or in the skin fold connected with the breast, In this case it is preferred to perform under the breast, because it will hide the defects of the operation wound.

After breast reconstruction

The wound is sewn with cosmetic sutures containing a proportion of antibiotics so that the inflammation does not occur, and the breast is covered with a flexible bandage.

Care after breast reconstruction

After breast surgery, it is best to wait at the medical center for full 24-hour care.
If you feel pain you can take painkillers, so you feel comfortable.
Replace the bra with the sportswear to strengthen your chest muscles and help you heal.
Cosmetic stitches automatically dissolve, and will not suffer from the pain of decoupling.
Recovery period after operation is a week, so we recommend complete rest.