The aim of tummy tucks is to tighten the muscle mass in the abdominal area down the breasts specifically to the pubic area and remove the fat mid-abdomen and increased skin in it and thus get the person who performs this process on a stomach more flat and tight, and more than this process women Especially after the pregnancy and childbirth that result in these dilutions, and in this article we offer the benefits of tummy tucks.

Benefits of abdominoplasty

Although many of the risks caused by abdominoplasty, they produce some beneficial results for the patient, including the following:

Tighten the flaccid muscles along the abdomen.

Remove excess fat and excess skin in the lower abdomen area.

Remove annoying annoying rugs from the owner.

The good psychological state that a person feels after performing the operation because of the removal of the excesses that deform his body.

Ability of the person to perform his duties with ease and ease.

A tummy tuck is a face-lift that makes a person look younger.

Complications of tummy tucks

The bowel drop and the hernia that the operation may cause.

Increased body laxity if not properly performed.

A tremor in the body of the patient with high temperature and feeling chills.

Such operations sometimes lead to a fatty blockage in the patient’s body.

Deaths may result from anesthesia if the anesthetist does not exist throughout the operation.

Severe pain after surgery.

The fluid collects under the skin.

Bad smell coming from the wound area and contamination.

Change the color of the secretions and the liquid that is discharged from the filter tubes.

The tumor caused by the operation in the area in which it was performed.

Tinnitus and numbness of the skin for up to nine months.

Many sweating in the patient.

Causes of thinning and appearance of rumen

The health reasons are similar to the increase in the number of pregnancies and births with no time interval between each time followed by gastrointestinal diseases such as liver diseases and mental diseases that may lead to the presence of rashes and surgeries that may have been performed in the abdominal area.

Follow a person’s wrong diet like eating junk food, desserts and soft drinks are frequent and frequent.

Lack of mobility and excessive sleep are especially wrong, such as sleeping on the abdomen, as well as not taking enough sleep and neglecting exercise continuously.

Genetic causes.

Sudden weight loss may lead to abdominal tingling.